In Russia earned the first service of funeral services for foreign citizens

For the normal conduct of funeral events, it is enough to contact a specialized ritual service. Most Russian citizens do it this way: it is much easier and more convenient to trust this difficultand unpleasant work to professionals.

Foreigners temporarily staying in the Russian Federation had problems with this. Even the samelanguage barrier should not be discounted. And besides this, people are faced with a rather largerange of difficulties.

Ритуальные услуги - поддержка в трудную минуту

Where to ask for help in organizing a funeral for foreigners

In any case, the appeal to the ritual service would be the best option for people who took up theorganization of the burial. In such cases, professionals will do everything in the best way, without delaying the deadlines and other negative consequences.

The problem is that Russian ritual companies still have not worked with foreign citizens. Forexample, if a citizen of another state dies in the territory of Russia, his body, in most cases, must be transported to his homeland. This procedure is called repatriation, and ordinary funeralhomes are not involved.

To solve this problem, it was decided to start a service that will work only with foreign citizens. And this company will have to become the only one in Russia for a long time.

Now such a service has been launched and is functioning quite successfully, providing the fullrange of funeral services to foreign citizens. The company is called —

In addition to being the only specialized company, it has a number of other, equally importantadvantages. Some of the funeral services provided are:

Relatives of the deceased enough to contact here and describe the problem. Specialists willquickly familiarize themselves with the situation, and will offer several options at once, each ofwhich will be optimal in its own way.

In such matters the price of services is important. In perfectly understand thetragedy of the situation when it comes to the burial of a loved one. Therefore, the question ofthe cost of services is always discussed individually.

Potential customers should know that there are special offers for them, including many budgetoptions. In any case, on the basis of the provision of services, the company guarantees that thebody of the deceased will be delivered to his home country in the stipulated time.

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