Why Uzbekistan Is an Amazing Place to Visit

The Aral Sea in Uzbekistan

Among all the different countries of the world there still are some that most of us have never heard of. Uzbekistan is one of them. A unique, exotic country in the heart of Central Asia, it is guaranteed to provide plenty of unusual experiences. Uzbekistan has peculiar culinary traditions, beautiful ancient architecture, unusual natural attractions and a lot of picturesque travel routes. The country has a history stemming back to the era of the Great Silk Road. Today you still can see a lot of landmarks and monuments tracing their origin to that historical period. There are plenty of things to explore and to look at even if you’re an avid traveler.

In the past, tourism was not common in Uzbekistan. It was virtually impossible to meet a Western tourist there. Now things have changed and the country welcomes tourists with open arms. There are travel agencies offering their services, tourist facilities and organized travel tours. You can explore the ancient architecture, get a taste of traditional Central Asian cuisine, or take a trekking tour in the mountainous desert if you’re an outdoors lover.

Aralkum Desert in Uzbekistan

If you want to experience something unusual and contrasting, you should definitely visit the Aral Sea. The Aral Sea in Uzbekistan is a sea right inside the desert, even though it’s technically considered a lake. You can find there such interesting things as the ship cemetery where rows of rusty, abandoned ships have been lying silently since their former days. You can stay in a real yurt camp and taste a bunch of traditional Uzbek dishes. Or you can explore the nearby Aralkum Desert with its unique crags and crevices and an amazing view. It’s heavily recommended that you learn more about Aral Sea Tour to plan your visit there.

Real yurt camp in Uzbekistan

Most Western tourists still haven’t heard of Uzbekistan, and you can easily become among the first. Uzbekistan has a lot to offer if you’re fond of exotic, oriental locations, or if you’re an outdoors enthusiasts. The trekking and driving routes of Uzbekistan can give you plenty of new, diverse experiences while you’re having a good time exploring the unfamiliar land. You will also not be disappointed by Uzbek cuisine: there is a lot to explore there. Don’t forget about architecture too: all these ancient buildings that you will find on your way have a unique touch of the ancient times, the era of conquests, silk trade and mystery.

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